"Flat out, the best voice coach I ever worked with. She really listens. She can hear problems so well that her corrections help you get better quickly but also make it very clear for you. Love her! I can't recommend her enough!!!" - Michael R.

"Trelawny is one of the very few people I have met who know how to be truly present as a teacher... She blends expertise, sensitivity, instinct, compassion, humor--but mostly she is just extraordinarily gifted as a singer and a teacher. "-Kay M

"Trelawny is the most gifted vocal coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she an amazing singer, technically and artistically, she is a kind and intuitive teacher that goes with the flow of what's right for the student in front of her. I made more progress in a few months with her than I did in years of struggling with other teachers/coaches. The best part is... her lessons are fun! I always left her room feeling happy, uplifted, and confident about myself as a singer and a person. Can't wait to go back!" - Rebecca L

"My voice was good before Trelawny. After one session with Trelawny, my voice changed. It became this powerful, strong, and concrete instrument that I have began to love because of Trelawny's influence. I love singing, and I always look forward to my lesson with Trelawny - she makes me smile, is always enthusiastic, never judgmental, and has made my voice to become vibrant and something I love." -Mia D

"Both of my daughters have been studying with Trelawny for just over a year, and I am amazed at what they have learned in that time.  Their ability to hit the notes, catch the rhythms and perform in front of people have really improved. They love their lessons, as Trelawny always makes the lessons fun and puts things in a really positive way.    So in addition to learning to sing, they are getting exposure to a really upbeat and encouraging force in their lives. She's a great singer herself too--which is inspiring for the kids and for me!" - Robbie B.

"The quality that stands out to me about Trelawny's teaching is her ability to custom tailor a lesson plan for the individual student. She doesn't use a cookie cutter approach to teaching the art of singing; she finds out what you know, what you want to know, and how to get you there without extraneous stuff getting in the way. In a short time with Trelawny, I have gone from being quite uncomfortable with the sound of my own voice in public to singing lead in a funk band. Not to mention, I'm a guy and it's hard to find a female teacher who can coach male voices. She is that teacher." -Ben, age 24 

"Trelawny is an absolutely amazing vocal teacher ... She has an wonderful way of connecting with her students, both young and old.  She is so supportive and patient.  She has really helped develop my daughter's singing ability and confidence.  Trelawny is also an amazing singer and she really serves as a great role model.  I would highly recommend her as a vocal coach!" - Christine S.

"I've worked with a couple of Voice teachers and by far Trelawny is truly the best I have found. She takes her time with me, explaining things making sure I understand before moving on to a different vocal subjest. I am still very new at singing but I can hear a difference in my voice." Andrew Johnson, Gospel Singer

"I had years of vocal training in high school and college, and have seen lots of different styles in voice teachers. Now my 12-year-old son is working with Trelawny. She is not only a superb voice teacher, but she has the most amazing gift I have ever seen for communicating the joy of singing and inspiring confidence in the singer. Anyone from a beginner-level child to a professional vocalist would benefit greatly from working with Trelawny and would find the investment in lessons with her to be a bargain."-Ron Kurtz